How To Reuse Bricks

clay bricks

Give older bricks a little cleaning up to remove any mud and leftover mortar, or you can just use them exactly as is, depending on what kind of features you are considering adding to your outdoor space. As long as the mortar can be cleaned off of reclaimed bricks, you can use them just like you would any new bricks you could purchase. If clay bricks are broken down into very fine materials, these may be used instead of sand, or they may even go into a new brick. When bricks are broken due to extreme weather conditions, they can get absorbed by the soil, without doing any damage to it.

Microorganisms cannot break bricks down, it takes years for them to decompose, and the remains cannot damage the soil. What makes bricks both non-biodegradable and non-biodegradable is the fact that microorganisms cannot do anything with them. Bricks are resilient throughout their lifespan, and can always be reused if in good shape. They can be used for a range of purposes in building, and integrated with the design of your garden in a range of clever ways.

Bricks can also be used in several quirky, interesting ways to create art pieces for your yard. Some innovative designs have been created using nothing but bricks, but you can pair them up with tiles and other materials to expand your colour palette. You can use several different materials for flowerbed edges, but if you have any bricks left over from a previous project, or have taken down a shed or wall and have lots of bricks, you can use these to add some extra charm to your yard. By using reclaimed bricks from your yard, you will be able to enjoy uniformity in the whole exterior of your home.

Instead of digging in the garden and using mortar to build a permanent fire pit, you can stack the bricks on top of each other. You could even make a simpler fire pit for a backyard sitting area or outdoor kitchen by using older bricks to make a safer fire circle. You could just pile those landscaping paving stones or bricks up and make a beautiful fire pit near the house or on your deck. You will want to make sure it is all secured and secure, but bricks can also be used to help keep the flames and heat from travelling from your new fire pit into plants and other items in the yard.

Or, use those leftover bricks to make a walking path through your flower garden, or wherever else you would like to add some rustic flair. Then, you can fill in the areas between Those Recycled Bricks and Your Favorite Trees with Potted Soil, and Add Flowers or Succulents to make it a beautiful display. Using a galvanized steel tub and those scraps of bricks, you can add some character and beauty to your backyard, creating a natural pond. Bricks can be used to construct the rim of a pond before filling it or just placed around the edges of your existing pond as a decorative feature.

We promise that you all find something to do to help you make use of some of your bricks, while also beautifying your yard. These remaining bricks are ideal to make a nice informal walk, or a pathway, leading up to your doors. Whether you get a handful of bricks or a whole houseful, there is a fantastic DIY project waiting for you to use them. Whether you have got a handful of bricks or an entire house’s worth, there are some fun ways to reuse and make good use of them. Reusing older bricks that are in great shape saves time and money as you begin your next projects.

In addition to making our environment cleaner, cutting down carbon emissions, and saving you money, reusing older bricks also adds aesthetic value to your new projects. Not only do we like the appearance of using bricks over a new one, but we also love that you are reusing a perfectly fine material. Reused stones and bricks can add a unique character or a vintage feel to any project, whether it is a commercial project or personal.

If nothing else, save a pair of these around as the door stops. Your recycled bricks can be crushed up and used in many different applications. You can do some super-useful things with a few of your unwanted or extra bricks before finally throwing them into your recycling bin. You can make these awesome DIY raised planters of any size or shape, and the best part is you really not sticking them together, so you can take them apart and put them back together again if needed. The artist in you wants very badly to make that cool brick sculpture.

If you are not so much a grow-your-own-herbs person, you could even use this DIY brick herb spiral as a flowerbed for flowers that do not need to be too deep-rooted. This DIY Brick Herb Spiral is a great project for smaller yards, but you could also use this for larger areas. If you would like your new beds higher, you can easily build a brick mortar wall to hold your growing media. If you would like to discover more bricks, contact brick suppliers about brick sizes and colours and discuss how they would fit your house and garden.

The technique to remove the old bricks is composed of a proprietary, vibration-based system which simultaneously sorts demolition debris and removes the mortar from old bricks, all without using water or chemicals, thereby making it a highly eco-friendly process. The successful results achieved during the project demonstrated that the reuse of old bricks is a viable, sustainable, and trendy way to construct new or refurbish existing buildings while creating new, environmentally sound jobs.