Month: June 2022

Wood wool ceiling tiles
Building Trends

Beautify Your Office With The Best Ceiling Tile

Using metallic ceiling tiles is a fun way to update a home office and one that you should think about in every aspect of home office decorating. Metal ceiling tiles can also help to suppress sound, which may help provide some privacy to your home office. You can even use acoustic ceiling tiles to help […]

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clay bricks
Building Trends

How To Reuse Bricks

Give older bricks a little cleaning up to remove any mud and leftover mortar, or you can just use them exactly as is, depending on what kind of features you are considering adding to your outdoor space. As long as the mortar can be cleaned off of reclaimed bricks, you can use them just like […]

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custom sliding doors

What Are Custom Sliding Doors?

Custom sliding doors can be installed as an accessory to stationary doors, or designed to open and slide in a pocket within the wall, allowing a nearly invisible installation. Again, all sliding doors are custom-made, so you can select from many attractive hardware options. Pella sliding doors are Energy Star-rated, and they are available in […]

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